The Emperor’s Bodyguard

The Japanese Emperor required a new bodyguard. He advertised widely, and the greatest warriors on earth applied. He selected a shortlist of three to be interviewed.

A Japanese Samurai was the first to be interviewed. He pulled a jam jar out of his pocket and released a blowfly. Before the emperor could blink, he drew his sword, slashed back and forth disecting the fly neatly in half.

A Chinese warrior was next. He released a mosquito from a matchbox, swung his sword back and forth, before handing the emporer the mosquito, symetrically cut into quarters.

The Jewish warrior was last.  He released a gnat, slashed at the air with a great flourish and bowed to the emperor with a satisfied air. The sound of the gnat was still audible.

The emperor frowned. “The gnat is still alive?”

The Jew bowed again. “Circumcision is rarely fatal, Your Excellency,” he replied.

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