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Thanks for visiting my website.

I'm an Australian author who believes everyone has a story to tell. I bring some of these stories to life in my writing.

The challenges we face are many and varied. In trying to construct a meaningful life, we need to juggle love and career, family responsibilities and individual aspirations, joy and tragedy. These are the ingredients I blend together in the books I write.

My debut novel, Wings, was published by Really Blue Books in 2012. My second and third books, A Painted Room and Lessons from a Two Year Old will be published by 5 Prince Publishing in the second half of 2014. The second edition of Wings will be published in January 2015.

Do take some time to explore this site and find out about my writing. In particular you may be interested in following my blog, Spread Your Wings, which will focus on the topic of setting and achieving goals in the context of a balanced life.

Just Released: Lessons from a Two Year Old. Buy it here or read the first chapter here.

A Painted Room is also available for sale here, with the first chapter available for free here.

Note: The first edition of WINGS has been temporarily grounded, but the second edition will be re-published in January 2015.